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Jeremiah 20:9 His word is like a FIRE shut up in my bones!

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Our Mission is to Equip Today's Christians for Spiritual Warfare Through the Power of Storytelling.

Melissa Plantz

Melissa Plantz is the author of the spiritual warfare devotional series, TAKE THE REALM; and the novel, FIRE AND GRACE. She is also the Founder of FIRE and GRACE Publishing.

She currently lives in West Virginia with her husband and two youngest children, although not far from her three adult children and two grandchildren. She dreams of moving permanently to a beach off the coast of North Carolina.

Melissa believes in serving people, especially children and families in poverty. Although she is not an affiliate, she is a sponsor through Compassion International and encourages readers to consider sponsoring children, and helping to lift them out of poverty around the world. 

May God Bless You for your compassion during these times!

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Twitter: @TheWritePlantz

Instagram: @authormelissaplantz

Email: [email protected]

Amazon Author Page:

TAKE THE REALM: 10 Days of Spiritual Battle Plans to Reignite the Weary Warrior

Available through Amazon Kindle in ebook format. (Releases July 30, 2019, Order your copy today! )

TAKE THE REALM: 40 Days of Spiritual Battle Plans will release in 2020 in digital, print, and audio formats.


releases May 2020 on Amazon in both ebook and softcover format. Stay tuned for more info!‚Äč