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FIRE and GRACE Publishing, LLC

Jeremiah 20:9 His word is like a FIRE shut up in my bones!


The Beacon (Book 3 of The Muladach Series) by Melissa Plantz  SIGNED COPY

“You have gotten his attention. He can see you now. He’s coming for you – and your family.”

It’s been four years since Alec Graham walked away from Ainsley Reynolds. Four years that the blonde Seer has become confident and determined in her purpose, battling demons with the help of her Protector, Kyle Drekr. But with the return of Alec in Ainsley’s life comes a new enemy – one so powerful that every Seer and Protector who has confronted him throughout history has died.

Each time Ainsley expels another demon back to Hell, her soul shines like a beacon, drawing the enemy ever closer. She can’t hide from him. She can’t protect her loved ones from him. But is the Seer ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop him?

The Beacon is the third book in The Muladach Series, an edgy, filled with flawed true-to-life characters new to the Christian faith, series.

If you like mysteries, murder, demons, and second chances, you will fall in love with The Beacon! Grab your copy now!

The Beacon (Book 3 of The Muladach Series) by Melissa Plantz SIGNED COPY